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Being a Christian means being a person of love for and praise of God and at St Leonard's we do this on a Sunday and through out the week.

You can also visit St Leonard's for private prayer and reflection or if you would like to bring a school or comunity group to visit St Leonard's you'd be more than welcome

If you've got any questions just ask Fr David

Sun - 9.30am Morning Prayer, 10.30am Sung Mass

Mon - 9.30am Said Mass (at St Luke's)

Tue - 6pm Holy Hour and Evening Prayer, 7pm Mass and Benediction

Weds - 8.30am Morning Prayer, 9.30am Said Mass, 5pm Messy Church

Thurs - 12noon Said Mass

Fri - 2pm the Holy Rosary

Sat -  9.30am Said Mass, 10am Sacrament of Reconciliation

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St Leonard and St Jude Church

Barnsley Road



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